Guide to Strength Training for Huge Muscles

With Batman and Superman donning our screens, it is no surprise that everyone wants to have their physique. But it is not just something that you can achieve overnight. You need to work hard and persistently. Even the celebrities wearing the cape, have to work extra-hard to get that awesome physique. Before you read on, be very open and realistic about your goals. Be patient with yourself and be consistent. You will eventually reach your goal!

Choose Your Exercises Wisely

It is important to exercise all the muscle groups in your body to gain strength. You can not just strength train one muscle group and leave the other. Your goal is to achieve proportionate strength. To gain proportionate strength, you need to incorporate mass building compound and isolation exercises.

An example of such exercises is squat, leg press (mass building compound exercises) and leg curls and leg extensions (isolation exercises). Each and every part of your body has to be exercised. Chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps and legs, all of them have to be exercised according to the above exercise routine of both compound and isolation exercises.

Concentrate, When Working Out

Sure, you may look pretty cool lifting heavy weights, but if you are not concentrating on your form, you may not get the results you want. Adjust the weights according to your needs. The weights don’t have to be heavier than you can lift. They should be heavy enough to challenge you, but not heavy enough to discourage you! Make sure you use proper form when lifting weights. You don’t want a sore back and joints, the next day! If you get comfortable with the weights you are using, it is time to switch to heavier weights.

Have a Hearty Protein-Rich Meal

When you want to build muscles, you strengthen them by lifting weights. Lifting weights puts stress on the muscles and it is where the proteins come in. Proteins help in repair and growth of these stressed out muscles and this is what makes them bulky and strong. Opt for a high protein diet consisting of chicken, turkey, beans, lentils, tofu, seafood, red meat, eggs and milk. Keep in mind that you may have an increased appetite, so keep healthy snacks at hand. Avoid processed food and avoid snacking on crisps, cookies and cakes. You may also see an increase in your weight, which is completely alright. Remember you are gaining muscle and shedding fat.

Give Yourself a Rest Day

The best way to get huge, bulky muscles is to listen to your body! Give yourself a rest day to let your muscles recover. It has been seen that people who workout everyday, without giving themselves a rest day, tend to stay lean. Do not over-train your muscles. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep and relax. Sleep is the time when maximum muscle growth takes place.

Attaining huge and bulky muscles is no mean feat! You have to work hard and eat right. Most importantly, be in sync with your body and take a rest if it calls for a rest!